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 Growing up in New Zealand in a small country town, my Mum shared my love of all animals and especially dogs.

We had boarding Kennels and we would often have more dogs inside the house than in the kennels!


Back then in the 60’s, there was no such thing as commercial dog food and funnily enough there were none of the human diseases that we now see in our dogs such as diabetes, heart disease, auto immune disease and most of all cancer !!

The latest studies show that 65% of dogs now get cancer !!

I believe that this is quite simply because the modern diet for a dog is so far removed from what nature intended and that coupled with over vaccinating and the continual over use of all of the highly toxic flea, tick and heartworm medications, well, really, what chance do they have !! 


In the 90’s I became a professional Dog Trainer and trained thousands of dogs literally and this opened so many doors to me. I was given some amazing opportunities and met some amazing people and was 

very  privileged to work with some of the leading and trail blazing Wholistic Vets in Australia, namely Tom Lonsdale and Ian Billinghurstand through them in particular  I  learnt about the detriments of commercial food and the terrible damage it does to our dogs. 

I have learnt that there are so many natural alternatives and everything is available for us and it is my great pleasure to be able to guide you on that journey and share with you my knowledge to help you make the best decisions for your dog bringing health, wellness and longevity.

Over the past 30 plus years I have studied for the dogs, Natural Nutrition, Alternate Therapies, TCM, Reiki, Bach Flowers, Canine Massage, Ayurveda, Essential Oils , Energy Healing, Animal Communication and so much more !!!

We live in a time where we have so many wonderful healthy options available to us and to our dogs and more and more people are waking up to the importance of good nutrition for themselves and in turn their furry family members.


All dogs should live to 18 or more just like my Daisy ( my eldest living girl ) and she proved that it can be done. 

So let's feed our dogs what nature intended before man came along and said he knew better than nature! Let's feed real food, full of nutrients and life force and ditch the convenient, processed rubbish, let's have healthy dogs !!!!!

Lets treat our dogs like family and give them wonderful healing options that again nature has provided, nutrition, herbs, supplements, homeopathy, acupuncture etc etc and let’s just use modern medicine when it’s only absolutely necessary and not fill them up with toxic and mostly uneccessary drugs.

Lets take responsibility for our dog’s health and wellbeing and take the time to prepare meals for them with love as we do for the rest of our family and ourselves.

We can do this and with over 30 years of experience I am here to help you achieve total wellness and longevity for your beloved dogs. 


Living with a dog family of four generations and over 30 years has been an amazing experience and each and every one of them have left their paw prints on my heart. They have also been my biggest teachers in life, through all of their different illnesses I have learnt so much and that has given me knowledge and skills to help others along my journey.


At this point in time November 2020, all of those wonderful souls have passed and there is now only me and my beloved Teddy, the 5thgeneration. 

Starting with my first ever dog Sunny Girl there have been more than 30 dogs that have shared my life over the years and often many at one time,  I think my largest family group was 12 !!!!! Oh those were the days J

They say we all have a purpose in life, a Dharma, well mine without a doubt is dogs dogs dogs !!!


To all the dogs that have shared my life, past and present, know that you are loved now and forever and you all changed my life for the better, my world is richer because of each and every one of you. My work is a tribute to you and I miss you all every day.

healthy dog

Teddy Greenpaws